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Expert Bowling Ball Drilling
Pro-shop owners and professional drillers will be extremely important in drilling your ball and will be able to help immensely. Ask any questions of the person who will be drilling your ball,
2 Handers
W/ Inserts or Slugs
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Expert Bowling Ball Resurfacing
We use the Haus new generation resurfacing system. This system is considered the finest bowling ball resurfacing tool available today. Some may think that synthetic lane beds have caused resurfacing to be less important than it once was but that is not the case.
Ball Cleaning & Polishing
Ball Resurfacing
NEW Ball Release Dates

Roto Grip Exotic Gem
Citrine/Apatite/Amethyst 12/9/2022
Storm Sun Storm LE
Radiant Yellow 12/9/2022
DV8 Brutal Collision
Lime/Orange/Blue 12/2/2022
Track Sensor
Purple/Smoke/Gold 12/2/2022
Radical Bigfoot Hybrid
Teal/Black 12/2/2022
Motiv Ripcord Launch
Dark Purple/Purple/Berry Pearl 11/23/2022
Motiv Carbide Tank
Solid Grey 11/23/2022
Columbia 300 Top Speed
Scarlet/Silver/Purple 11/18/2022
Ebonite Game Breaker 2
Black/Purple 11/18/2022
Hammer 3D Offset Attack
Vibrant Blue/Navy 11/18/2022
Hammer Purple Solid Reactive
Purple 11/18/2022
900 Global Zen-U
Jet Black 11/18/2022
Storm Fate
Sapphire Pearl 11/18/2022